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In these days of the XBox and PlayStation, Halcyon is keen to lead the way in promoting adventurous outdoor play for our children.

With extensive industry knowledge in the design and construction of bespoke treehouses and other timber play creations, Halcyon delivers the highest level of craftsmanship and service to our clients.


Our Clients Say

“We couldn’t be happier! Completed ahead of schedule, on budget and with the highest quality… great guys to work with!”

Mr & Mrs P, Haslemere

About Halcyon

Halcyon offers a full design, build and management service for custom tree houses, play areas, school playground equipment, garden buildings and other unique timber play structures. We offer a maintenance service for all our creations and for other existing tree houses.

Our Workshop, where we create, make and prefabricate is based on the Hampshire / Surrey border in Oakhanger.

Our Projects

A small selection of our project photos are available in the gallery above.
Below are a couple of projects that we’ve recently completed.

Bespoke Treehouse


Timber Lookout


Blue Forest Treehouses

Halcyon are proud to be preferred suppliers to Blue Forest Treehouses.
If you would like to look these projects in more detail please visit the Blue Forest website.

Expectations Exceeded!

Whether it’s a tree house for the kids, a timber area for creative play, or a grown-up hideaway for the ‘child’ in us all, we place the utmost emphasis on communication with our clients.

We ensure that expectations are exceeded and that many happy years of enjoyment are realised.

At Halcyon we strive to make the whole project an enjoyable undertaking for all parties involved. A brief outline of the typical processes involved is detailed below.

If at anytime during the project you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us and these will be dealt with promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do Halcyon only design and build Tree Houses?

No, although we primarily build Tree Houses we also offer a full design and construction service for clients interested in virtually all types of exterior timber structures.

Do I need large tree to support my Tree House?

Not necessarily, the structure can be supported on stilts if the tree is not suitable or if the trees are protected. Our designs and methods of construction do not interfere with the immediate growth of the tree.

Will one person be my main point of contact?

Yes, we at Halcyon take every opportunity to encourage the client to get involved in the design and construction planning process. To prevent misunderstandings and in order to make sure your expectations are met, you will have only one main contact person from Halcyon.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the project, but generally between 1 and 3 weeks.

Do you provide maintenance services to existing structures?

Yes, we provide a wide range of quality services for existing buildings regardless as to who constructed the structure.

Is planning permission required?

Most of our structures do not need planning permission however this will depend largely on what you are hoping to build, its location, its size, the height of the structure and what you intend to use it for. We are very happy to offer advice and guidance and if required act as agents on your behalf during the planning process.

Will I have to pay a deposit before work commences?

Yes, it is our policy to take a 40% deposit, with a further 30% at the end of the first week. The balance is then paid on completion of the project.

The big question is how much is all this going to cost?

Because of the bespoke nature of all Halcyon creation it is difficult to pin point exactly how much your own structure will cost you but in general our rough price guide is between £400 & £20,000 (we are more than happy to work to fixed budgets). This will also depend on other factors such as:

  • Where you live, i.e. your geographical location (to allow for travel and accommodation)
  • Ease of access to your property
  • Materials used and degree of finishing
  • Size of your structure
  • Play equipment required
  • Whether or not electrical supply is installed

More questions?


The Process

1. Initial contact is made and a brief discussion which will give us an overview of your project. A suitable time will be arranged for us to provide a site visit.

2. During our free site visit, we can provide you with whatever information you need and discuss your available options. Depending on the type of structure you will be advised on any relevant planning/building regulations that you will need to consider. If relevant and you have not asked us to make the necessary planning application, you are responsible for making sure that the application is made.

3. Our quotation and design is submitted for your appraisal. The vast majority of projects we undertake are bespoke, we ask you to be patient as getting all of the information together can take some time.

4. Quotation and design proposal is accepted and an estimated start date is agreed.

5. D-day, construction commences. You will be introduced to the Halcyon team and given a brief overview of our plans, remember at anytime you may ask questions.

6. Completion of project.

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